Thierry Fossemalle-Bassist

Thierry Fossemalle-Bassist




Jazz and Improvised music is a journey and passion I have pursued throughout my career.

Actual Asset clip

This is a clip I shot for the title track of my album "Actual Asset" performed by Myself of course, with Dave Sanders on Drums and Steve Russell on piano. The location in case you are wondering is the Narrabeen Bowling Club in Sydney.

Below is an AI-generated visual clip that is reacting to a solo bass improvisation. More solo bass improvisations here 

At Prawn and Spanner studios in Goonengerry NSW I recorded a bunch of solo bass things for an exhibition a couple of years back. I decided to re-release the material on Bandcamp and as I am not a visual artist I thought perhaps AI could conjure ups some visually engaging clips for youtube and expand in that direction. I was pleasantly surprised at the results.

Shot during a residency at the Northern Hotel Byron Bay, this sequence features Jamie Pattugalan and Steve Russell

For several years I was fortunate to have maintained a residency at the iconic Great Northern Hotel in Byron Bay Australia. 

The regular line up as featured on my Release "Actual Asset" was Steve Russell and David Sanders. One day I blinked and realised we had been performing together at various events and occasions, backing singers and instrumentalists, not to mention recording dozens of albums of material for various clients for over 20 years.

On the occasions where dave was unavailable we welcomed the enthusiasm and deep musical brilliance of Jamie Pattugallen seen in these videos as recored by our friend Simon. 

Please allow me to share this free album with you.

The legendary Australian Saxophonist, David Ades who passed away a couple of years ago was an extraordinarily prolific instrumentalist. He also found time to help many people less fortunate than himself beyond normal expectations. He was a fearless surfer, a father, and a wise friend. This work, the 14th Step, was recorded at the Muse Agency in Byron Bay and features me and the awesome talents of Will Guthrie on drums.


An Acronym of Our surnames Fossemalle (in this case abbreviated to a shorter spelling of Fosmale), Ades (David), Tinkler ( Scott ), and Sheehan (Greg ).

This group of Bass, Alto, Trumpet, and Drums was formed in Byron Bay around 2000 and recorded 2 Studio and one live Album to some critical acclaim. My generic label for our style is "Jazz Punk " as we pursued a gritty edge in most of our compositions and arrangements. 

Listen or Buy our music Here. 

Musiikki Oy 


Ted Vining, Ian Chaplin, Peter Harper, Ian Dixon, Tony Paye, Sam Keevers, Adrian Sherriff, Simon Kent Bob Sedergren and Greg Rossa have all been part of Musikki Oy at some stage.  Synonymous with free improvised music, high energy, and progressive composition, "Musikki Oy" is an institution in itself.  It has incarnated into "The Big One" and "Blow" and continues to produce iconic music.

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