Jazz and Art Music

Jazz and Improvised Music is a journey and passion I have pursued throughout my career and continues to be the main element of a continuous musical development .

Here grouped with Steve Russell and Scott Hills is a clip from the Long Running Jazz presentations by Jules Kelly in Lismore Australia .


An Acronym of Our surnames Fossemalle , Ades (David) ,Tinkler ( Scott ) ,Sheehan (Greg ).
This group of Bass ,Alto ,Trumpet, and Drums respectively, was formed in Byron Bay  around 2000 and recorded 2 Studio Albums to some critical acclaim . My generic label for our style is "Jazz Punk " as we pursued a gritty edge in most of our compositions and arrangements . 


London Mid 90's 

Musiikki Oy 


Please allow me to share this free album with you.

The legendary Australian Saxophonist ,David Ades who passed away  a couple of years ago was an extraordinarily prolific instrumentalist. He also found time to help many people less fortunate than himself beyond normal expectation. He was a fearless surfer, a father and a wise friend . This work, the 14th Step , was recorded at the Muse Agency in Byron Bay and features myself and the awesome talents of Will Guthrie on drums .

Created by thierry fossemalle