My Gear

Whilst not a collector I value high quality versatile and reliable equipment .

Here is a break down of what I keep on hand and use regularly.

Electric Bass

  • Fender 2013 American Standard Jazz Bass w Custom Shop Passive pick ups
  • Fender 1986 MIJ Jazz Bass , Stock w Hip shot de tuner
  • Ibanez SR506 Active 6 string Bass w Bartolini Active Pick ups
  • Stuart Beaumont Passive Fret-less Bass

Upright Bass


  • Eden Traveler 550
  • Eden Traveler 330
  • Gallian Kruger MB 150


  • Eden D112 XLT with Eminence Speakers
  • Eden D212 XLT Eminence Speakers


  • Aguilar Tone Hammer Pre amp ,DI and Booster.
  • MXR Envelope filter
  • POG 2 Tone Generator
  • Whammy Harmonizer
  • Dunlop Bass wah
  • Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff


Suppliers of Choice

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