Barrington Tops,Enmore,Gibraltar Range, Green Island

So ...latest news from me is my recent application to attend a creative music intensive hosted by the Australian Art Orchestra or AAO. Lets hope the recent funding cuts don't effect the running of this fantastic initiative . Check it out here .

Sulphur crested cockatoos at dawn Hamilton Island

During the last few months i have grabbed a few reasonable shots whilst out and about the east coast.  Here are a few of them

Green Island
Port Kembla Steel works
Green Island

Please allow me to share this free album with you.

The legendary Australian Saxophonist ,David Ades who passed away  a couple of years ago was an extraordinarily prolific instrumentalist. He also found time to help many people less fortunate than himself beyond normal expectation. He was a fearless surfer, a father and a wise friend . This work, the 14th Step , was recorded at the Muse Agency in Byron Bay and features myself and the awesome talents of Will Guthrie on drums .

So the past few months have been a busy period with much travel and many shows with the force of Soul and Disco , Lisa Hunt. Add to this my regular teaching commitments etc etc , and its been a solid period with tons of music , and thats good !Coming up later this year is my Trio project with Steve Russell and David Sanders . I have been penning the material during the past few months and we start rehearsals in a month or so . Essentially a Jazz Trio format , Piano Double bass and Drums , it will be recorded at the Muse agency in Byron Bay in early August and will be available for a voluntary price shorty after .

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